My friend Kathy Deraitus gifted me some of her beaded pieces, which she made on a loom.  All of them are rectangles of approximately the same size.  Turning these into a sculpture will be the next challenge!

Most of the rectangles did not have enough thread left to weave in.  Kathy granted me permission to replicate the rectangles.  As I did not want to weave them on a loom, I researched a different way and found that the flat square stitch perfectly resembles the loom made pieces in appearance.  I recreated each rectangle by sewing the beads one by one using this particular stitch. 
In the picture below you can see the loom piece on the right and the start of the piece using the flat square stitch on the left.

Below is a loom piece on the left, and a finished flat square stitch piece on the right.

A bunch of them ready to be incorporated: