Mosaic Making!

Making mosaics for the Auburn Arts Plaza.  

Design by Kathy Frugé-Brown, in collaboration with Gail White Eagle of the Muckleshoot Tribal Arts Council.  
Fabrication: Kathy Frugé-Brown and Monique Catino.  

This project was funded by 4Culture in partnership with the City of Auburn.

With thanks to Kathy Frugé-Brown for the opportunity to work on this project!

The mosaics are a series of 7 foot sections, depicting transformations based on motifs found in the weavings and baskets of the Muckleshoot.  There are 7 sections, making for almost 50 feet of mosaics!  Those mosaics will be installed on concrete benches, and will be part of a garden in the plaza next to the Arts Center.